Classification MBA
Subject Area Business Administration
Course Mode Full time/ Part time
Intakes every month
Course Duration 2 years

The mission of The MBA Program

The mission of the MBA program is to create business leaders equipped with key practical skills and research to enhance decision-making capabilities in the contemporary business environment. 

The International University of Technology Twintech University MBA programme is specially designed to : 

- To build strong and highly professional skills and attitude towards leadership to reflect the dynamic and complexity of the current business and management environment.

- To acquire a broad knowledge and understanding of the external context in which organizations operate and how they are managed to sustain its development.

- To maintain research skills by engaging in theoretical and practical aspects to develop the capability of business research.

- To give course members a thorough grasp of the main theories, tools, methods, and techniques of business to develop a better understanding of their advantages and limitations.

Building A Career

This is not only a MASTER, but one from a reputable Yemeni university which can enhance career prospects. International University of Technology Twintech is a respected educational establishment.


Master provides a passport to promotion opportunities from junior to senior level management in multinational companies.

Employers’ Preference The current trend is for employers to recruit postgraduates rather than undergraduates. Therefore, an MBA qualification will be a significant advantage on any resume.

Increased Earnings

Research provides evidence that employees withan Master qualification command higher salaries. This is true whether you work in Asia, the Middle East or Europe.

Employers’ Recognition

Employers recognise the fact that an MBA is the advanced business degree that provides the employee with the necessary skills and understanding of commercial operations to contribute to  international enterprises.

Critical Thinking

MASTER provides the essential tools for advanced critical thinking creating a platform for successful interaction with colleagues from different backgrounds and areas of experience. This improves an overall strategic, tactical and operational understanding of corporate structures.


MASTER qualification is a means of improving confidence in self-attainment, both commercially and financially.


MBAs provide the necessary transferable skills to cope with the management of change in a work environment. The MBA course specification includes an emphasis on the development of entrepreneurship, business ethics, innovation and leadership skills.

Mobility in the Global Job Market

Having MASTER DEGREE can ensure greater employee mobility and increase opportunities within the global job market.

Tuition fees5300$

 Registration & Admission of MBA

- A certified copy of the Bachelor DegreeTranscript with a degree of Second Class Lower.

- A certified copy of the Bachelor Degree .

- Acquiring the TOEFL or IELTS.

- A translated copy into English Language of the documents authenticated from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- A certificate Copy of High School Transcript .

- Photocopy of the Personal ID or Passport.

- Complete the Registration Form & Pay the registration Fees .

- 8 recent passport sized photos 6x4 .

- Submission of the Financial Receipt .

The courses 


Semester 1

- Marketing Management
- Human Resource Management
- Organizational Behavior
- Managerial Economy 

Semester 2

- Management Information System
- Managerial Accounting
- Business Law
- Financial Management


- Strategic Management
- Project Managemen
- Operation Management
- Research Methodology

Semester 4

   - Thesis
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