Facts & Highlights

Facts & Highlights

International University of Technology Twintech

  • Human resources

    Human resources

    306 faculty members, of whom 8.2% are female.51 administrative and technical staff.

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  • Research


    The University ranks first in terms of the scale of publications quoted by the World Ranking, with more than 5799 Citations in the last five years

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  • Awards


    AWARD including THE BIZZ Trophy Issued to IUTT as being winners of this important business recognition.Certifications for the University

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  • University Library

    University Library

    The library contains 1910 books, 1000 e-books, The library accommodates 60 visitors Daily

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  • Facilities


    Total number Facilities is 2 Facilities with more than 12 Departments and we planning to add 1 addtional Facilities in 2021

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  • Alumni


    Total number of graduate: 664.Current number of students:1385

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